Mercedes Benz strikes again on Whitton Avenue East – North West London

On 7th January there was a serious accident on Whitton Avenue East, North West London, which is a residential area with 30mph speed limit. The accident happened over the weekend in the early morning involving 4 cars and a van, couple of which was crashed to a complete death.
For a quick reference see a photo below and some links.

BBC Coverage: See January accident coverage on BBC website
Gazette Coverage: See Gazette news story here

Why am I telling this story now? Well, A Mercedes benz strikes again around 8.00am today on the same road in front of the same house and surprisingly/shockingly the same house owner’s car, whose car was completely crashed in the previous accident in January as shown in the above picture, is crashed again. They had recently bought a new car and got crashed again. They lost two cars in two months in front of their house while parked, in the exactly similar type of accidents.

See pictures below. Looks very familiar to the ones the residents saw in not very distant past at the same location. Cars numbered in blue (1,2,3, and 4) are the ones hit by the Mercedes highlighted with red line.

Speaking to the residents this morning at the scene of the accident everyone feels that the island (shown in the last picture above, with red outline)is partly to blame. If you look at the photos above you can see that the Mercedes started hitting cars immediately after the island, exactly similar to the last incident in January.

We, all residents, strongly feel that the council must review the road layout here and remove the island in question and have some other form of pedestrian crossing if required. Also, this kind of scenes are not usual on a road which is 30mph, right? So why do we see these type of scenes on a regular basis? Again, there are no safety/preventive measures on this road. No humps or speed camera. We, the residents, strongly feel that there must be some safety/preventive measures in place on this road.

After seeing these two serious accidents in such a short time we do not feel safe going out for a walk or taking kids for a cycle rides on the pavement even. We urge council/government to take some actions immediately and make this residential area safe.


We, the residents appeal council to take some actions against this and get some safety/preventive measures in place immediately. Prevention is better than cure.

Online Petition: Sign online petition here

About Whatcommunitywants

A local resident living in North West London with his lovely family, friends and community. Opinions expressed and material contained here are my own and not of any organisation or political party.
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2 Responses to Mercedes Benz strikes again on Whitton Avenue East – North West London

  1. Martha Philippou of 239 Whitton Avenue East says:

    Well done for the initiative. Regrettably, I have difficulty in singing the petition. Please count me in.

  2. jk says:

    Signed and have gave a response…

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